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Over 35 years industry experience both here & in the UK
Campaign & Strategic Planning
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Copywriting & Technical Journalism
Photoshop Illustration
Assistance with Presentations & Pitching
Production Management
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Getting the most out of me

and your marketing dollar

Whilst I am happy to help in any way with your planning and creative needs, it is most cost effective for you to take a step back and see just how you should proceed with your marketing endeavours.
Here are three basic principles that will allow you to craft an effective marketing structure, whether you are a sole trader or a large business.

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Three steps to success


1 Know who you are targeting

The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to sell to them - obvious. It also lets you taylor your products to their needs rather than assuming they will adapt to your products.


There are many ways to isolate the various parts of your prospect base - by product, by level of interest (hot, medium, cool, cold) etc. Doing this upfront makes the cost of aquiring a customer much lower.

2 Convert prospects to customers

This is the tactical aspect of advertising. Developing iron-clad creative ways to increase your customer base, whether on the High St, online or business to business.


Taking your targeting models from point 1, we'll develop value propositions (why should you become a customer!?) offers, creative and delivery mechanisms.


At its basic level, this step is an ongoing cycle of communication to your defined prospect base.

3 Keep your customers and make you their best friend

This is where you can get very profitable. Once you have a customer, the key is to a) ensure they stay a customer, b) maximise the amount of transactions over the customer lifetime and c) engender a level of loyalty whereby your customer starts to act as an ambassador for your brand and introduces new customer to you at little or no cost.


Keeping it simple


Obviously, I have just outlined a whole discipline in three bullet points and the methods employed to achieve our goals can vary immensely from business to business. However, the principles apply and I can help you work out the best, most cost effective ways to boost your customer base, increase sales and minimise customer attrition.


For most businesses, these activities wil not be complex, expensive or time consuming. A littly intelligent planning upfront can radically improve your return on your marketing dollar and by taking a customer lifetime view, the cost of customer acquisition, advertising etc will fall over time.


Ask me how I can help you put an effective marketing plan in place.

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