I offer a wide range of musical services:


Accompanist on Guitar, Bouzouki & Mandolin • Producer • Sound engineer • Live sound engineer • Equipment Hire • Production Management • Promotional support • Venue management


As a musician

My prefernces in music are very diverdse, given my musical upbringing involved large doses of jazz, jazz-rock, folk, psychadaelia, electronica and world music. 


I have, on occasion had the opportunity to produce electronic and experimental music particularly for multi-media project such as the electronic guide to Australian plants, but over the last 10 years, I've tended towards traditional music from around the world, with a focus on celtic styles of playing.


My instruments of choice are DADGAD (and other tunings) guitar, Irish Bouzouki and Mandolin, although, through the magix of the studio, I've recorded on flutes, whistles, violins, accordions, keyboards and percussion. I have a good understanding of these instruments for purposes of arrangement.


I have played on, recorded and produced many albums, some of which are available by clicking the "listen" button above.


Current Bands

El Dorado

- A blossoming Western Swing band featuring some scarily good musicians in John Stuart, Greg McClain, Andrew Russell, Dave Crestani and Stewart Peters. Plus, we get awsome special guests.

Witches Leap

Flat out Irish trad laced with a good dose of Paddy's original songs.  Paddy Connor Uilleann Pipes, Whistles, Guitar and Vocal. Jade Tinkler Flute and Vocal. Me on Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki and Vocals

Wombats Crossing

This is the distillation of various collaborations with Christine. the Wombats are Chris Wheeler ( Vocal, Guitar, Flute, Whistles, Recorders. Rebecca Daniel ( Vocal, Violin, Recorders. Me on Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki and Mandolin. Beautiful music from around the world and through the centuries. Tinges of chamber folk and maybe even a bit of modern Baroque - very rich and creamy, but can kick arse with the best of them.

Other projects
Martin Doherty & Roisin

- Irish, American music and songs of protest. I have played with Martin for over ten years now

and we have forged a strong musical partnership. Whilst Martin is enjoying life far too much to worry about music, we occasionally perform at the National and similar festivals.

The Flash Coves

Ben Scott's move to Ireland has placed this band on hold - which is a shame, as we were enjoying Ben's unique historical songs played with a delightful group comprising Ben on Vocal, Guitar, Whistles, Philipa Freitag on Baroque violin and Vocal, Paddy Connor on Banjo, Uilleann Pipes, Whistles and Vocal and me on Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki and Vocal.

The Smoking Gitanes

- Short-lived but fun comedy gypsy band, particularly influenced by the likes of the Taraf de Haiduks and featuring the prodigious talents of Mary Jones and Jess Randall among others.


- Latin-based jazz ensemble with great charts


As a sound engineer


I like both studio and live work. I have a small, but well appointed studio where all but one of the albums on this site were largely produced.


I am also happy to spend time editing and rebuilding recording (often live) that may have gone off the rails a little and I have the equipment to do this in a professional and seamless manner.


I also love doing live sound - espeially in the more 'hear a pin drop' intimate concert environment where sound is there to reinforce the music and not assault the ears. 


As a musician, I appreciate the need for good onstage sound, so I concentrate very hard on producing the 'in the living rom' experience for performers.


Once again, I have a well appointed live rig based around an X32 Performer desk and QSC speakers. Please contact me for a quote.